Martex Fresh Face Makeup Cloths
  • Martex Fresh Face Makeup Cloths

    Experience the new Martex® Spa Collection, a perfect solution to product loss due to discoloration and cosmetic stains. This new innovative wash cloth is constructed to withstand chlorine bleach and resist discoloration from Benzoyl Peroxide, commonly found in many cosmetic products in today’s market. Martex® Spa Collection products will maintain their color throughout their lifetime due to our Staybright® Exclusive Technology.


    • *Sold by dozens*

    • 100% Ring Spun Cotton loops
    • Benzoyl peroxide resistant
    • "Fresh Face" jacquard border
    • Staybright® bleach friendly and fade-resistant technology
    • Available in Staybright® Black


    Staybright® is an exclusive technology process that bonds color to the fiber to stand up against repeated washings, pool chlorine, and sun exposure. Staybright® products can be washed using chlorine bleach. This unique technology keeps the product looking new, extends the product life, reduces replacement costs, and ultimately saves money.

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