Linear Low Density Can Liners
  • Linear Low Density Can Liners

    Linear Low Density Can Liners are best suited for:

    - Hallways, parking lots, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, warehouse settings

    - A great every-day use liner. For general refuse and heavy/sharp waster.  Suitable for virtually any application and environment.


    When picking a liner there are three primary concerns:

    1. What is the waste

         - This will help you determine the material (High-Density in mic, Linear Low-Density in mil or a repro liner) and thickness (see last picture for comparisons on Mic vs Mil)

    2. What is the correct size

         - You need to make sure to "right-size" your can liner.  Too much overhang is just like wasting gas...

         - Bag Width: Use half the outer circumference of the container

        - Bag Length: Use the hieght of the container, plus 1/2 the diameter of the container bottom, plus 3" for overhang.  For Square or Rectangular containers, use the diagonal of the container bottom.

    3. Which color

         - Depending on the application; black, clear or our new BEACH BLUE!


    And remember, a star seal on the bottom is the strongest, most dependable seal avaialable.  Though not available in all sizes