Kem-Zyme Multipurpose

Kem-Zyme Multipurpose

KEM-ZYME is a concentrated cleaner containing enzyme producing bacteria that consume organic compounds and eliminate odors at their source. For the restaurant and food service industry this product is designed to provide a skid-free surface on all types of floors. When used on a regular basis will reduce injuries from slips and falls caused by grease and food spills.


Sold in case of four single gallon jugs

Made in the USA by Kemper Industries

  • Instructions:

    Wear gloves and chemical resistant safety glasses when working with product.

    For Toilet Bowls:

    1)    Remove water from bowl by forcing over trap with applicator.
    2)    Remove excess water from applicator by pressing it against side of bowl.
    3)    Pour 1 oz. on applicator.
    4)    Clean entire unit, especially under rim at water outlets.
    5)    Flush and rinse out applicator.

    For Urinals:

    1)    Pour 1 oz. onto mop and apply or squirt directly onto surface.
    2)    Flush and rinse out applicator.

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