9047 TRONEX Black Nitrile Medical-Grade Disposable Gloves ($6.95)

9047 TRONEX Black Nitrile Medical-Grade Disposable Gloves ($6.95)

As one of the most trusted PPE brands in the U.S., Tronex is proud to announce that fentanyl permeation testing has been successfully conducted on the Tronex 9047 Series Black Nitrile Exam Gloves by an accredited independent testing laboratory.


This specially formulated, latest-generation nitrile glove features added thickness to provide excellent barrier protection, durability, and abrasion resistance during extended wear – ideal for emergency medical response as well as decontamination and heavy-duty cleaning where additional occupational exposures may occur.


Black color offers a sleek look and versatility for various applications, and also allows easy visual recognition of potentially hazardous powders or fluids on hands


Features & Benefits

  • Tested for fentanyl permeation as per ASTM D6978
  • FDA 510(k) Approved for Medical Use
  • Not made with natural rubber latex; powder-free; non-sterile
  • Fingertip textured for improved grip
  • High degree of tensile strength and elongation
  • Ambidextrous with beaded cuffs